First of all, what is Lead Scoring?

Lead Scoring or lead qualification is an automated marketing technique used to score and identify the leads in a database. According to the degree of interest in the services/products of a company, its position in the sales funnel and interaction with valuable content.

In other words, it lets you know which Leads are more likely to make a sale in order to carry out effective strategies with each one of them. In Zoho CRM and Zoho Campaigns this can be done in an automated way.

4 reasons why you should apply Lead Scoring

Nowadays, Lead Scoring is a great complement for companies that do Inbound Marketing. In addition, it helps to improve the productivity of both marketing and sales teams. 

1 Increased efficiency in your teams

With an unclassified database, marketing and sales actions are scattered. And they don’t always achieve their objectives. By scoring contacts from the same set of leads, both teams work faster and more accurately. Why?

  • Lead analysis is faster and within reach.
  • You can target campaigns to each type of lead and their stage in the sales process. They are segmented according to their profiles, actions and interests.
  • There are only the “best” leads available to the sales team to initiate a process.

The Marketing team is able to think of concrete actions for each segment, making them more effective. This facilitates the work of the sales team, who receive qualified opportunities.

2 Effective campaigns 

As mentioned in the previous point, actions become more specific. For example: communication should not be the same for users who have made inquiries and want to know more about your products/services or obtain more information about your company, than for users with a sales opportunity in process, who only need a stimulus to close the sale.

Depending on the stage of the funnel and the objective (attract or capture, convert, close or sell and loyalty), by applying Lead Scoring the campaigns will reach the right audience providing value and adapting to what they need at each moment. In addition, to be more efficient in Zoho Campaigns it is possible to create automatic workflows.

3 Improve your database

It is not only important to get leads and add them to your database, but also to make it useful. It is one of the main tools for any action. Implementing Lead Scoring allows you to make an initial diagnosis of your database, how many “cold” contacts are there? How many “hot” contacts that could close sales? and create strategies to improve it. On the other hand, with the actions you perform, you will be able to see all the changes in your database, and how its shape is changing. Achieving that a greater number of Leads become customers.

In addition, by applying Lead Scoring it is possible to determine which leads are profitable for the company and which are not, avoiding including them in actions or making efforts on them.

4 Similarity with your buyer person 

In relation to the previous point, we can add that the company can prioritize the leads that are related and have the attributes of your ideal client, being this probably the most effective for your business. Each attribute that is known about the lead can be compared.  And this give a higher score to those with similarities.

How to do it?

There are tools that facilitate the lead qualification and classification processes. The only thing to do is to assign criteria, values and scores. Once stipulated, Zoho Campaigns and Zoho CRM will classify the leads depending on their actions. In addition, we will be able to trigger automatic actions such as mailings and email marketing campaigns, depending on the actions performed.

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