Business technology tools are becoming more and more integrable, scalable and customizable for each type and size of company.

Today it is possible to have a pre-designed application and adapt it or create applications from scratch in a simple way, for very specific needs. An example of this is the Zoho Creator tool, which allows the development of applications based on objectives.

Why is customization important?

Having customized, business applications has become increasingly important because it allows companies to be in control of what information to collect, how to collect it. And then analyze data to improve decision making. In this way, they can afford to be in control of their business activity.

Businesses must be aware that their permanence in the market does not lie only in the products or services offered, but must be a conjunction of good products, excellent customer service and the greatest optimization of resources. To achieve this, it is necessary to improve operations, reduce response time, discover opportunities for improvement and increase productivity. It is no news that technology, when it is properly applied, has the capacity to bring significant savings, generate more control over processes and increase profitability.

However, we know that it becomes complicated to know which is the best tool and how to adapt and use it. Sometimes companies become “slaves” of solutions or end up under-using them. Either because they cannot be integrated with other applications they use or because they do not adapt to the business. Technology must provide autonomy through customization and the possibility of using tools in an interconnected way.

How to implement adapted tools?

To achieve this, you must first detect which are the business processes and where it is necessary to improve. This is one of the most important tasks, since if you do not define exactly what the system should do and the requirements for improvement, the solution may take time to be implemented and may not meet the objectives.

Once identified, the next step is to define whether to develop an application or customize an existing one. Then, identify if it will be implemented with its own resources or if a technological partner will be sought. A partner can recommend different solutions to the same problem.




What to keep in mind?

  • Do not exclude users from the decision making process. This would run the risk of contracting a tool that does not adapt to the way of working.
  • Focus on the current need but also project into the future. Businesses are constantly growing. Not contemplating growth can lead to tools no longer being useful.
  • Quick implementation is not always better. Given the multiplicity of options provided by the tools, a quick implementation (if the company has complex processes) will not be effective. Since not all possibilities will be taken into account.

We recommend cloud tools for their scalability and integration with different solutions. From Etixen we work behind the cloud to create and adapt cloud solutions to your needs. They can be configured by the people of the company or we have a specialized technical team that adapts each of them.


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