[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] What is CX or Customer Experience? It is the result of the interactions that a client has with a company throughout their relationship. The focus is on the entire customer journey, from their first interaction until they buy a product or receive a service and subsequent support.

This could be thought of as various parts of a car that work together to give the driver a perfect driving experience. If one part fails, for example the engine horsepower does not match the size of the car, the car will still be able to be driven, but it will not be a smooth and pleasant driving experience. What matters is the correct combination of variables.

The quality of the customer experience that is offered depends in large part on the foundations, and one of them is the CX technology that is used. What should it include? components that help you to align customer data with your unique business process so your teams can work in unison.


To give you a little more insight into how a CX solution works, let’s take a behind-the-scenes look at Zoho CRM plus – the unified customer platform.


The ideal CX technology

The ideal technological solution for the customer experience should bring together not only your different teams, but also all the different tools that are used to guarantee a smooth flow of data from one department to another.

Important factors to choose

When choosing CX technology for your business, keep in mind:
  • Customization: It is important that the technology that is implemented can be customized to meet your business needs. You should be able to add, remove, or modify features or functions as needed.
  • Scalability: – There is no one-size-fits-all CX technology. The technology you implement should be able to evolve as your business grows, in addition to satisfy your current needs.
  • Integration: The technology you choose must work in harmony with your existing solutions and integrate with third-party applications. With open APIs to enable seamless cross-functional data flow.
  • Security: It should be based on a robust security framework to protect your business from data exposures and ensure data encryption.


Why Zoho CRM Plus?

A more holistic and customer-centric approach is the way to go. Zoho CRM Plus was built through unified technology solutions that align sales, marketing, and service, while bringing together data, teams, and processes on a single platform.

With Zoho CRM Plus, a 360-degree view of the customer and a seamless flow of data from one department to another is ensured. In this way, you can deliver personalized experiences throughout the customer lifecycle.

Some highlights of the CRM Plus platform:
  • Unified Administration
  • Unified search
  • Easy customization
  • Simple integration
  • Robust security features



The pillars of unification: by layers.

Customers want personalized experiences and this can be the differential value between your company and your competition. To do this, you must understand the online behavior of customers and the interactions with your company, in order to adapt the interactions at each point of contact.

For example, if you were the owner of an event agency and you have a client who celebrates the company’s year-end party every year on the same date and in the same place, this would be enough information to allow you to offer this loyal client a personalized reward, whether that means offering a discount on the event or emailing about suitable times and booking available dates in advance. It is the personalized incentive, at the exact moment.

The data layer

The right data is the key to create personalized experiences. In the example above, a system that captures detailed information is needed to help provide a truly personalized experience.

Data is the core component of the CRM Plus stack. This layer unifies and centralizes customer data from mobile apps, websites, social media, and other touchpoints, enabling teams to view, manage, and use the data they need to deliver personalized experiences.

The signal layer

It’s difficult to maintain consistent experiences across channels if you can’t respond to customer interactions in real time. Whether it’s a sales call or a support request, teams must be able to proactively engage with customers to foster healthy relationships.

A notification solution for key customer interactions across all your sales, marketing and service channels is essential so your teams can quickly track and respond to them from the same centralized place.

The intelligence layer

This layer allows you to process the data you collect and turn it into meaningful information. How does it work? Making smart predictions, acting as a sales assistant and improving the overall productivity of your organization.

For example, one way to gain meaningful information is by classifying incoming customer emails as positive, negative, or neutral, which helps  your teams to prioritize and respond to important emails. Smart recommendations are also provided, such as the best time to contact a potential customer based on their activity.

The orchestration layer

For your customers, your business is a single brand, so it is important that you maintain a constant and unified commitment in all your channels. Regardless of the fact that behind the scenes everything is divided into departments.

Zoho CRM Plus interconnects all the components to work as a group. If a customer visits your website or mentions your business on social media, you can get all the relevant context, such as past customer interactions and the agents they have spoken to. This helps companies deliver personalized experiences throughout the customer journey.

Zoho CRM Plus offers the best of both worlds: freedom at the departmental level and unification at a higher organizational level.

At Etixen, we develop tailor-made solutions according to your business process, so that you only have to worry about what is important. Also, we offer trials to test the solution in your company!

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