Staying connected while working from home. Therefore it’s important to consider:

  • Designate a place to work.

    It’s important to designate a place to work as well as where not to. This will give you a place to rest. Also, when having online meetings, choose a suitable environment, plain walls and a sturdy place to support your computer.

  • Routines.

    Help your brain achieve a productive mood. Follow your daily routines, like waking up, getting dressed, having breakfast and “commuting” to your new workplace. This is the chance to experiment with alternative schedules that will make you more productive.

  • Daily tasks list.

    You can plan hour by hour what you will do the next day, so you have to accomplish it. Also, you can list the 3 most important tasks to do in the day.

  • Using Meet like a professional.

    Video quality
    You can reduce video quality when experiencing lag on the bandwidth. Also, you can have a videocall but receiving audio from your phone.

    Use both: present all tabs or just one. This way, you can present what you think is necessary.

    Record the conferences
    When in a meeting where you cannot forget any detail, you can use this function.

    Display design
    You can change the design in which videos and presentations are shown, to focus attention on whats more important.

    Video call quality
    You can use this to see a timeline of when the users joined the meeting and what events happened during the call. This can help you visually understand how the meeting unfolded in time.

    Subtitles for English conversations
    Meet can show you live subtitles. Only for the English language, so if you prefer to read, you can do so.

  • Be real.

    Showing real life to your coworkers can encourage work culture and your relationships. We are all in this together.

Up to September 30, 2020 Google Meet will be offered as a standalone product for free. So even if you do not have Google’s Suite, with a business domain you can have professional online meetings.

Also, Google will add new functionalities soon, like moderation, polls and translations.

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