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At Etixen we are guided by

Collaborative work

We move forward side by side listening to new ideas to empower ourselves.


We have the courage to communicate any limitations to the customer, rather than prioritizing our own convenience.


We put ourselves in the customer's shoes to find customized solutions.

Continuous learning

We solve customer challenges by stepping out of our comfort zone.


We are willing to look for alternatives to reach the ideal solution.

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Hello! We are a group of professionals that
together we form a small big family.

Gabriel Paradelo

Olivia Oberman

Antonella Silva

Agustina Riege

Camila Aguerre

Milagros Blasque

Esteban Molina

Martin Scrocca

Samanta Salvatierra

Gabriel Cordoba

Lucas Loughry

Guillermina Valero

Matias Alabarcez

Gabriel Scaramelli

Vladimiro D'Achary


Those who trusted us for their digital their digital transformation


The solution allows our company to improve sales efficiency, to measure productivity through Zoho and also to intervene objectively in cases of conflict.

Sol Maunier

Anura Sales Manager

We migrated with total success, also thanks to you. Because of course we had to continue with the business and having a local partner helped us a lot to understand the Argentinean problems.

Gustavo De Meglio

Systems Manager at Melectric

Through Etixen we were able to implement a spectacular Google Workspace project where we are all under the same domain but can use the different accounts, having all the information integrated in the Drive in the cloud and not as before in local servers. It was a transformation at a cultural level and should always be accompanied by tools that allow you to work connected.

Marina Bauer

General Manager at Biomille

In the metallurgical industry it is difficult to talk about technological changes and investment in technology. It becomes difficult to think about projection and advancement. However in 2019 we had a ransomware and spam attack and it was proposed ... The process was workshops, migration and post implementation, it was a whole accompaniment that Etixen did.

Matias Fernandez

Head of the systems department at Ferrosider


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