Zoho One

All in one! Manage your company with a complete operating system and handle the different areas thanks to connected and specialized tools for each process.


Digitize and transform your business
from start to finish

Provide tools adapted to each team

Access a complete set of more than 45 business applications covering areas such as sales (with its flagship application: CRM), project management, human resources, marketing, finance, communication, support, operations and more.

Facilitate processes between areas

Encourage collaborative work not only between teams but also between areas within your organization. Thanks to the interconnection of the tools you will be able to centralize information and allow fluid processes without communication barriers. 

Design seamless workflows

Manage, assign and distribute the various tasks of your business through applications that allow you to automate repetitive activities, centralize information, enhance processes and collaborate easily with other teams. 

Bring Zoho ONE to all your employees

Get a promotional price hiring Zoho ONE for all your employees and do not leave any of your processes to be digitalized. Motivate your employees by providing them with tools that allow them to focus on their activities avoiding repetitive tasks.


+45 applications in their best version

Zoho ONE package works as a suite of tools in its highest version that helps companies to manage their processes through a single integrated platform. Thanks to its variety of functionalities, you will be able to provide a better experience to your customers and your work teams, thus improving the organization's productivity and results.

Save time by automating processes and eliminating repetitive manual tasks.

Improve collaboration and communication between employees and teams with comments, chats, task assignments, discussion forums and the interconnection of applications.

Analyze your data and generate reports to make decisions based on the performance of your processes.

Customize your tools to the specific needs of your business and facilitate the adoption of the suite as the company grows and evolves.

Achieve complete business management

Zoho ONE offers a wide range of tools and applications designed to help companies manage and optimize their operations in various aspects of their business.

Sales and finance: Collect your leads in one place, close deals quickly, create quotes and invoices, sign contracts digitally, get paid and track every key metric along the way. 

Marketing: Send automated email campaigns, observe the behavior of your visitors, program and plan your social networks and analyze the results. 

Human Resources: Manage vacations, absences and hours worked and recruit your ideal candidate in a simple way.

Collaboration, productivity and communication: Work together with your team simultaneously on different projects, automating tasks and assigning activities with due dates. 

Assistance: Provide post-sales support by resolving queries through various channels with a ticketing system.

Mobile applications

All your favorite tools at
in their mobile version

Discover your ideal suite of tools

Zoho assembles various application packages with a single 

licensing according to different needs and areas. It has several sets of tools specialized in marketing, finance, human resources, collaboration or IT administration.

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Why choose Zoho ONE?

It integrates all the processes of a company in a single operating system.

It provides specific and customizable tools for each area. 

Enables communication and collaboration between teams and departments.

It offers a mobile version for access from anywhere. 

It offers an "all-in-one" solution, leaving no task out of the digitization process.

Facilitates seamless remote work allowing you to provide a better experience for your employees and customers.