do your email marketing campaigns reach SPAM?

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Are you tired of having to generate different content for each social network? And of not having reports of your results?
Nowadays, having platforms that allow you to publish on all your networks at the same time, send mass email campaigns, get detailed reports, and above all, that allow you to attract qualified leads, gives you a competitive advantage over the rest. Differentiate yourself from the competition with Zoho!

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Gain the ability to automate and optimize your marketing strategies, allowing you to reach your audience more effectively and closely, increase engagement and, as a final goal, boost the growth of your business. And Zoho will be your great ally!


Zoho Campaigns

An email marketing platform that allows companies to create communication campaigns to contact their contact base without falling into SPAM.

Write, schedule and send email campaigns with the help of a complete email platform.

Get to know your audience by sending surveys, A/B tests and the analysis obtained.

Import all your databases quickly with spreadsheets or other systems


Zoho Social

A social media management tool that allows you to plan, schedule and analyze your posts on different platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more, boosting your online presence and improving engagement with your followers.

Access detailed metrics on the reach and performance of your publications.

Post the same publication simultaneously on different social networks 

Follow the trends around your industry and competitors


Zoho Analytics

Simple-to-use Business Intelligence and analytics platform that allows you to integrate and transform data into interactive reports and dashboards, helping you make informed decisions.

Automatically create reports just by connecting your databases

Analyze reports and dashboards collaboratively with clients and colleagues

Publish easily accessible reports on websites, intranets, blogs and applications 

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